EMMC test Socket to 20pin universal port for nand flash testing BGA 169 and 153 reader data recovery

CNC MACH 3 In Out Put Extension Board MACH3 MODBUSII
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Item Specifics

Product Description

1. Apply to eMMC of Samsung, Sandisk, Toshiba, Hynix, Micron, HTC and Intel.
2. Apply to BGA153 and BGA169.
3. eMMC size of this product is 14x18mm,we also provide size 11.5x13mm , 12x18mm , 12x16mm , please see more products in our store .
4. With 20 pins and pin pitch 0.5mm.
5. Life cycle is around 25000 times.
6. eMMC data can be easily read and re-written.
7. Test can be done with or without solder ball.
8. Easy positioning and operation.

Suitable IC (PART):

1、THGBM1G6D4EBA14(Toshiba,TOSHIBA,16x18x0.95mm, pitch=0.5mm)
2、SDIN4C2-4G(SanDisk, 16x12x0.85mm, pitch=0.5mm)
IC number
SDIN4C1-4G 4Gx 8 FBGA169 16x12x0.85mm
SDIN4C1-8G 8Gx 8 FBGA169 16x12x0.85mm
SDIN4C2-8G 8Gx 8 FBGA169 16x12x0.85mm
SDIN3C2-2G 2Gx 8 FBGA169 16x12x0.85mm
SDIN3C2-4G 4Gx 8 FBGA169 16x12x0.85mm
SDIN3C2-8G 8Gx 8 FBGA169 16x12x0.85mm
3、KLM2G1DEDD-A101(SAMSUNG,16x12x0.85mm, pitch=0.5mm)
Density Part number Org PKG PKG size MMC ver Status
1GB KMAFG0000A-S998 x8 153FBGA 11.5x13 MMC4.2 MP
2GB KLM2G1DEFD-A301 x8 169FBGA 12x16 MMC4.3 MP
4GB KLM4G2DEFD-A301 x8 169FBGA 12x16 MMC4.3 MP
4GB KLM4G1DEHM-B101 x8 169FBGA 14x18 MMC4.3 CS
8GB KLM8G4DEFD-A301 x8 169FBGA 12x16 MMC4.3 MP
8GB KLM8G2DEHM-B101 x8 169FBGA 14x18 MMC4.3 CS
16GB KLMAG8DEFD-A301 x8 169FBGA 12x16 MMC4.3 MP
16GB KLMAG4EEHM-B101 x8 169FBGA 14x18 MMC4.3 CS
32GB KLMBG8EEHM-B101 x8 169FBGA 14x18 MMC4.3 CS

We provide one frame guide for each fixture , If you need more, please pay another $6 for per standard size plate.

Applicable borders limiter / frame guider link as below :