EMMC test socket to SD Interface Nand flash pogo pin BGA153/169 Reader Pitch 0.5mm smart phone date recovery

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Product Description

BGA169/BGA153 programming adatapter is an easy use tool to connect chip and PC. Just like a U disk !

(need you to prepare SD_card_Reader in order to connect to the PC)

WARM PROMPT : This is the latest model the socket had increased a power led , easy to position and operate .

1. Apply to Samsung,Sandis k,Toshiba,Hynix,Micron,MTK,Intel, etc--eMMC
2. Apply to BGA169.
3. Accurate positioning on flat bottom pad and solder of eMMC.
4. Long operating life,up to 30,000 times.
5. Apply to eMMC thickness:0.8--1.5mm , pitch:0.5mm.
6. Could reading and writing the data of eMMC with it.
7. eMMC size : 11.5X13mm , 12*16mm , 12*18mm , 14*18mm , please see more products in our store .
8. Easy to operate,insert with the SD card reader into your PC, then could read.
9. Support flat bottom and solder ball testing.

We provide one frame guide for each fixture , If you need more, please pay another $8 for per standard size plate.

Applicable borders limiter / frame guider link as below :

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