High Power Small Integrated Solid State Music, Tesla Coil Finished, Man made Lightning, Tesla, Customization

High Power Small Integrated Solid State Music Tesla Coil Finished Man Made Lightning Tesla Coil Customization
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Desktop integrated solid state Tesla coil finished using the proposed shunt voltage regulator! The driving part is powered by 12V DC power supply! This product is a fixed product, it can not be replaced if it is taken!!!

The solid-state Tesla coil can play square music, play music input device as far as possible from the coil, it is recommended to use more than 2 meters high quality audio line to transmit audio signals.

Low voltage test video transmission door address: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjg2NTI2MTQ5Ng==.html

Half bridge power drive, integrated design, onboard two potentiometers can adjust the frequency and pulse width of the coil, the arc can easily reach 10cm, and the secondary coil is made of Blue Enameled wire! The surface of insulating paint spraying process, the secondary height is about 20cm, diameter 5cm, length 14cm width 14cm height is about 12cm, the half bridge power is also equipped with a huge heat sink, basically no heat, in addition to driving the board for the 12V cooling fan interface, can own external cooling fan cooling subsidies.

Actual test results below

Dear users, because the Tesla coil is a special high-voltage equipment, for your safety and the safety of the people around you, please read the following instructions carefully.


The fabrication and operation of a solid Tesla coil may cause personal injury or property damage, resulting in no concern to the designer and distributor of the device.

Security warning:

The solid state Tesla coil in strong magnetic field and strong electric field condition, in the surrounding metal objects including the induction current wire and cable, and the nearby electronic equipment, and generate strong electromagnetic radiation. People with pacemakers are forbidden to use! Keep pacemakers away from equipment!

Therefore, if there is an implant / non implanted electronic medical device around the patient, the boot test may cause malfunction of these devices and lead to life-threatening. For the above reason, please make sure that the equipment used is well grounded, and ensure the safe distance during operation from the solid state Tesla coil enough, solid-state device Tesla coil is very dangerous, the operation should always pay attention to maintaining a safe distance! (Note: the distance is just not to be arc splitting into the distance, do not represent absolute security, the user must know the other effects of the Tesla coil) voltage solid state Tesla coil control and power output part is greater than the safety voltage, no direct contact with the body parts of the operation and debugging. The solid-state Tesla coil has a large energy storage device. After power off, it still has a sufficiently lethal voltage. The charge in the energy storage device is released first. When the discharge element is installed, it will be debugged after a few minutes, and manual short circuit discharge is forbidden. This will damage the energy storage device.

Fire warning:

The solid state Tesla coil when working, power components and radiator parts will generate heat, especially in continuous operation will be very obvious, so you want to place the relevant fire-fighting facilities in solid state Tesla coil work, near flammable items are placed and ensure the cooling fan, are working in the whole process.