NAVIPLUS pro3000 s box chip programmer 32bit+64BIT 2in1 5s 6 6plus change serial numger SN ipxd 2 3 4 5 bypass icloud account

IP BOX NAVI PLUS Pro3000 Box Chip Programmer 32bit 64BIT 2IN1 5s 6 6plus Change Serial
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Item Specifics

Brand NameHONGPU

Product Description

adapter Main function:

This machine is a professional integrated.programmer for Apple NAND Easy to operate,can perform a fast various operation on the HDD.With 4.3 inch LCD,intuitive interface,can be used on the for iPhone 4s to for iPhone 6p and for iPad 2 to for iPad 6 and other products of the HDD.Can quickly read data,write,check,erase.One machine complete the all opertion to a HDD,etc.Function.

1 A key read FW data:a click can start the fast extraction.Extract complete screen will display the corresponding

commonly used FW, including serial number, country, model, Bluetooth address code, WIFI address code. Generally completed within 5 seconds;

2 A key write FW data:a click can write your extract FW dat or modified FW data, generally 4 seconds to complete;

3 Quick FW data modification:the serial number, nationality, model, Bluetooth address code, WIFI address code. The

interface will show the FW inforemation extracted or modified last time. Can be done on this basis, a changes can be carried out under a HDD, the screen has the same buttons as the computer keyboard layout, maximum compliance with your habits;

4 Surpport Automatic build FW data:can automatically constructed the FW data whether 32bit and ,find source data HHD become unnecessary;

5 Either 32bit or 64 bit models:source data HDD can be a arbitrary types and any capacity,so, specially source data

HDD is unnecessary,restore HDD before is other words,HDD restored or empty is same to this machine;

6 100% repair HDD Error:can repair the error caused by HDD in restore process, can fast recovery engineering capacity HDD to normal capacity;

7 Quick erase HDD:support from for iPhone 4 8GB HDD to the 128GB HDD of for iPhone 6p. Support auto dectet HDD when

placed or take out, that is,after the HDD placed not need to click touchpanel,a automatic operation will be start;

8 Quick check whether HDD ok:can make a quickly detection to the HDD,include model and theoretical capacity and the actual capacity and whether ok. Support auto detecte HDD fuctionnal when placed or take out, that is,after the HDD placed not need to click touchpanel,a utomatic operation will start. greatly improve the efficiency of the HDD check;

1.1 Read Write:Click will open the FW data read and write interface,can do a quickly FW data read and

write and modify ,support 32bit and 64bit HDD;

1.2 HDD Check:Click will open the HDD check interface, can do a quickly check to HDD;

1.3 HDD Repair:Click will open the Repair and Expansion Interface,the interface can repair a variety of

error when restore caused by the HDD data damage and recovery engineering capacity of the HDD to the normal capacity;

1.4 HDD Format:Click will open the HDD Fomat interface,in the interface can do a erase to the HDD ,it

is namely recovery HDD storage as the factory default storage,can solve the restore error caused by HDD data error;

1.5 Calibration:Click will open the touch screen calibration interface,calibration can be make it more

sensitive when click the touch screen;

1.6 Soft Update:Click to open the software update interface,can quickly update the software version

of the machine

2 Read and Write

Click the Read Write button in main interface,enter the ‘FW read and write and modify interface’,as shown above.The interface module can independently complete the extraction FW data from HDD,Write,Modify. And can automatically match the parameters of each HDD model.

Note:when the interface opened first time after this machine power on,the machine have not the accord FW data,so Write and Set/Write button is gray for prohibit the operation.

2.1 Use instructions :

2.1.1 Read:lace HDD correcttly,of course this so-called master HDD must have a complete FW information.Click the

Read button to start the extraction process, the extraction process will be completed in a few seconds. If the HDD has a complete FW data,after extract completion,the Serial Number,Model and Nantional will be displayed on the top of the screen.The Bluetooth and WIFI information will completely display when open the Set/Write interface module; If you don’t ready to modify the FW information,placed the HDD you ready to write,and click Write button,then,Write can be completed ,this is commonly used for small capacity HDD to ‘large capacity HDD upgrade application’; If need to modify the FW information,click Set/Write button ,will open the modify interface module .and can change SN,MODEL,etc.. This FW data will always exist in this machine before shutdown, or re extracted master data or modified the FW data;

2.1.2 Write:Place HDD correcttly,and has extracted the corresponding master data: Click the Write button,then,start the process of writing,writing will finished usually in a few seconds; For the ‘large-capacity-upgrading application’,after completing the extraction,can use this FW data write to the large capacity HDD directly, there is no need to modify any information; For each click of the write button,is written the data that has been modified or the data that extracted last time.

2.1.3 Set/Write:Place HDD correcttly,and has extracted the corresponding source data: Click Set/Write button,open the ‘FW information modify interface module’.After the completion of the modification,click the Enter button on the interface,that will start the process of writing directly.then, the modified data be written to the HDD; This modified data is always exist in the machine before it shutdown or re-extracted a master data;

2.1.4 Config: Click this button will open the ‘interface module for read and write settings’, including the current

HDD Bit-width accord the HDD that used product and whether format before write,etc Click will quit from this interface,but the master FW data from extraction or modificatied is always exist in machine uness shutdown;

2.2 Possible errors and solutions:

2.2.1 The Extraction Speed:Different HDD model be a different speed.But the reaction in the following situations will probably represent the different causes;

2.2.2 While the master HDD have a normal FW data,the general extraction time will be completed less than 6 seconds,This is normal;

2.2.3 When the master HDD data is incomplete or does not exist, in order to increase the compatibility,the machine will do a comprehensive scan,so a note information will display ‘Data abnormal,resetting para,next will operatied normal ,about need 12-35s,wait...’ extraction time will be longer,and mabye display a note information that ‘could not find data’ in the last tip;

2.2.4 When the master HDD is empty, it does not contain any data, the machine in order to increase the compatibility will be to do a comprehensive scan,extraction time will be longer, and could not find information system in the last tip;

2.2.5 The currently selected Bit-Width mismathed the currenty extracting HDD. Such as the choice of 32bit Bit-Width but is a extraction of 64bit data HDD, extraction time will be longer, and a note information of ‘could not find information’ will display untill last time;

2.2.6 The HDD that extracting currently have a normal FW data, but it’s parameters mismathed the default parameters of the machine,Extraction time will be longer, but about 30 seconds later,will re extraction a correctly FW data.

2.3 Possible errors when extraction:

2.3.1 If you click the Read button,there a buzzer long beep beep beep sound, and a note information ‘Not detected HDD’in the LCD interface.This means a normal HDD information is not detected. This phenomenon indicates that the HDD may not be put in properly place, or it’s pad poor contact to socket , or it’s only a half of capacity or the HDD has been physical damaged;

2.3.2 if the extraction progress bonuced back and forth in about 3/5 or 1/3 position, and in the final buzzer three consecutive long beep beep sound and at the LCD interface ‘verifly failure, please check the HDD placed...’.This situation is generally the HDD is not in place or the HDD itself a defaced welding inventory;

2.3.3 if the extraction process progress bar in about 2 / 5 stops, and in the final buzzer three consecutive long beep beep sound and at the interface tips ‘read failed, please check the HDD place’.This indicate read process read a wrong information return by HDD.In this case,the corresponding storage area of the HDD is damaged or is in conflict with the preset parameters of the machine;

2.4 Possible errors in writing process:

2.4.1 If you choose the Bit-Width is 32-bit (64 bit), but current writing HDD that only be used in 64 bit (32bit) applicatioin,the interface will display a note information that ‘The Model Mismatch..’.Typical representative,such as: the current Bit-Width is 64bit, but writen to a HDD model such as ‘THGBX1G7D2GLA’ that only by used in 32bit product;

2.4.2 If the write process interface display a information ‘read and write failed, please check the HDD place...’,this indicates that the write process received the error return information from HDD.Generally,is between the HDD and the adapter does not light contact or HDD pad is dirt.It will normal when you re placed the HDD;

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