EMMC test socket with SD Interface, Size12x16mm Pin Pitch 0.5mm HDMI Interface bonding pads Clamshell BGA153/169 Adapter

EMMC Test Socket With SD Interface Size12x16mm Pin Pitch 0 5mm HDMI Interface Bonding Pads Clamshell
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Product Description

BGA153 BGA169 programming adatapter is an easy use tool to connect chip and PC. Just like a U disk!

(need you to prepare SD_card_Reader in order to connect to the PC)

Includes size limiter: 12x16mm ( buy eMMC153/169 test socket , get 1 piece complimentary frame guides )

1. Apply to eMMC of Samsung, Sandis k, Toshiba, Hynix, Micron, HTC and Intel.
2. Apply to BGA153 and BGA169.
3. eMMC size of this product is 12x16mm , we also provide size 11.5x13mm , 12x18mm , 14x18mm , please see more products in our store .
4. Apply to eMMC thickness of 0.8 to 1.5mm.
5. With 30 pins and pin pitch 0.5mm.
6. Life cycle is around 25000 times.
7. eMMC data can be easily read and re-written.
8. Test can be done with or without solder ball.
9. Easy positioning and operation.

We provide one frame guide for each fixture , If you need more, please pay another $10 for per standard size plate.

Applicable borders limiter / frame guider link as below :

We\\\'re the original manufacturer , we can offer the lowest competitive prices . The shortest processing time guaranteed . If you have any questions or concerns , please feel free to contact us ! !


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