Vacuum Cleaner Intelligent Robot, HEPA Filter, SENSOR Infrared Emission Control, Self Charge, Robot Aspirator

Vacuum Cleaner Intelligent Robot HEPA Filter SENSOR Infrared Emission Control Self Charge Robot Aspirator
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Item Specifics

Bag Or BaglessWith Bag
Cleaning RoutePlanned Type
Cord Length (m)Wireless
Brand NameNoEnName_Null
FunctionSweep Suction
Product TypeRobot Vacuums
Voltage (V)24V
TypeUltra Fine Air Filter
Timing ReservationYes
Power (W)35W
Remote ControlYes
Dust Storage TypeDust Box/Dust Bucket
Special Suction NozzleMultifunctional Combined Brush
Battery Life2 hours

Product Description

Product features:
1 edge cleaning: ad hoc side brush, walking path along the wall mode, to clear indoor dead area.
2 bow type cleaning: press the remote control to start, in order to bow font planning line. Achieve the most effective area of cleaning
3 fixed point cleaning: press the fixed point start, in order to spiral fixed to a piece of area to carry on the centralized cleaning, is suitable for the garbage heavy disaster area.
4 reservation cleaning: appointment timing, time up to a week, the same time every day to start the machine automatically clean, no manual operation.
5 combination cleaning: combined with the above edge + bow + point + random and other modes of planning. Improve the‚Äč cleaning efficiency and covering area.
The 6 round dispatch style, avant-garde exquisite, portable, safe and comfortable
7 shell materials using high temperature, high impact resistance, burning material ABS, remove safety hazards, paint technology, extraordinary texture grade.
8 slim body, you can easily get to the table, furniture, sofa, clean the room to every corner.
The 9 front bumper design flexibility, can automatically avoid obstacles, automatic return difficult.
10 suitable for: ceramic tile, wood, carpet short (5 cm below), linoleum and marble floors.
11 prevent falling: have to prevent the fall of the induction function, the desktop, the ladder and the height of the cleaning, the heart is not worry.
12 prevent obstacles: with anti blocking function, no way to travel, you can take the initiative to withdraw from the.
13 infrared induction: infrared sensor system can help the robot to avoid obstacles, to prevent falling from the upper air.
14 green: super activated carbon to purify indoor air, absorb harmful substances, and effectively improve the quality of air.
15 super adsorption capacity: can easily clean all kinds of magazines on the ground, dust purification rate of up to 96%, cleaning efficiency 100%.
16 low noise design: the noise is only 45 dB, far below the ordinary vacuum cleaner.
17 ultra quiet vacuum chamber and super adsorption capacity, can be easily cleaned, erase the various impurities on the ground.

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