Burn unit e Writer Pro Burning device programmer can burn all hetai singlechip

Burn Unit E Writer Pro Burning Device Programmer Can Burn All Hetai Singlechip
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Product Description

Holtek launched the latest general burning device e - Writer Pro, with LCD display.
E - Writer Pro can completely replace the e - Writer Plus
E - Writer Pro main features:
Support all Holtek microcontroller burn!!!!!!!!!!!
Burn faster
128 \'128 graphic LCD panel, high volume buzzer hints
Through the computer/Internet to update the firmware
For each of the encapsulated microcontroller provides a common burn
High reliability button, utilization rate is more than 1000000 times
Buffer support offline support part of the burn
Support serial number burn
Burning software based on Windows
Provide buffer (DOS) prompt command
E - Writer Pro competitive advantage:
The price is low
More powerful, the price is more competitive higher durability
For all of the output pins provide ESD protection
Enhanced power management mode
In order to prevent bad burn, provides with the function of detecting the power adapter, more powerful
Powerful LCD display information
Support multiple languages - currently offers traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English
USB port power supply, does not require an external power supply
E - WriterPro besides can provide Holtek whole series of OTP during the development phase and Flash MCU project try to burn, for mass production to less amount of MCU is also very appropriate.
Does each new e - WriterPro before first use, need to enable the program will begin to use, please enter enable procedure from the tools menu of HOPE3000, enable the process will be through the network to Holtek per e - WriterPro unique registration code, please follow the instructions HOPE3000 picture, accomplish the registration of e - WriterPro and enabler.
Will content name box number
1 e - WriterPro 1
Article 2 USB Cable 1
1 3 5 v USB Power Adapter
Article 4 1.5 M grounding line 1
5 Flat - Cable double-headed 2 * 6 row needle box (25 cm long) 1
6 CD 1 piece
7 hand twist screws (collocation G15 earthing terminal) 1
Eight important cue CARDS 1 piece
E - WriterPro buffer will be subject to the packaging of MCU, tie-in and different types of burn (e - Socket), the same kind of packaging type is just the same e - Socket, no longer need to change due to IC models of different different switching (Adaptor).
Does collocation of choose and buy products and accessories: e - Socket